There are a good number of children who wanted to either be ballerinas, firefighters, pilots or astronauts. Sadly, only a fraction of them turn out to be ballerinas, firefighters, pilots and astronauts.

kennedy space center

Good thing for those who ever dreamed of being astronauts, the NASA Kennedy Space Center is a geat place to go to tour—up close—NASA’s launch and landing facilities. It is an interactive way to pretend to be an astronaut for a day. Located in Orlando, Florida, the NASA Kennedy Space Center offers interactive simulators, up-close encounters with massive rockets and a chance to meet and greet NASA’s Astronaut Corps.

The Shuttle Launch Experience is one of the most popular attraction in the Space Center. Visitors get to experience what it is like to sky rocket out of the earth through a space shuttle.

The simulation is as close to real as this is brought to us by the NASA space scientists and engineers themselves. One gets to experience the sights, sounds and sensations of a real space shuttle launch. Truly, one of the closest things one could ever get to be an astronaut. The experience takes on from the boarding stage to the simulated space shuttle launch.

History making technology and real-up-close rockets, space shuttles and launch pads can be experienced in the NASA Kennedy Space Center.