Space exploration offers awe and mystery. Which is why it has been made into movies and pop culture references time and again. It can be attributed to the fact that space exploration, which includes space shuttle launches, offer a look into the unknown. They help us understand some of the awe and mysteries the space has to offer.


Space shuttle launches are a marvel on their own. Albeit done more than a few times could count, each one still offers some form of fascination as each one marks a significant step in scientific development. People worldwide anticipate and watch space shuttle launches. For those who want to enjoy and relive the moments over and over again, there are space shuttle launch videos which immortalize that significant day in space exploration.

space shuttleFor those who can not get enough of the awe and wonder of space shuttle launches, there are many resources to find space shuttle videos. Youtube and the NASA websites are but some of the more popular places to find space shuttle launch videos.

Youtube offers free space shuttle launch video clips. Youtube offers one most of the videos of space shuttle launches ever made. One just have to sit back and relax and relive the magic of the space exploration even in the comfort of one’s home.