Space shuttle launch viewing are nothing short of awe inspiring. It is a significant mark in the history books as a step forward to space exploration as well as scientific developments.

Each one is testimony to the newer technologies and techniques mankind has developed in order to pursue the discovery of Earth and outer space. But it does not just stop there. While it can be seen as a mark of true scientific measure, it can not be denied that space shuttle launch viewing provide artistic opportunities, for photographers, directors, even for musicians. For those who want to be able to get the best seats in town, the best thing to do is to get tickets in launch pads near Launch Pad 39A.

The NASA Causeway is the nearest and best place to be for space shuttle launch viewing. Tickets are required to be able to be near the action. And these tickets sell out fast. So it is necessary to buy your tickets as soon as a launch is announced, this ensures that you have the best place in town for Space shuttle Launch Viewing.

Titusville is the next best option. It is the closest one could get to the Space Shuttle Launch and for free. It offers a clear view of the Space Shuttle launch because of the advantage of a body of water in the area which serves as a reflector of the launch itself. Giving the space shuttle launch viewing another dramatic angle. Although it sacrifices the sound of the launch itself.